Thursday, March 22, 2007

22 year-old writes how-to manual for tray liner advertising

Man, I knew these echo-boomers liked to take matters into their own hands, but this is still pretty impressive: 22 year-old Phillip Tapia is trying to re-invent food service tray liner advertising, which, while certainly not one of the sexier sides of the ad industry, is a practical and established marketing medium. According to this press release, "Phillip and his father (Mike Tapia) currently distribute to 26 Wendy’s restaurants in southern Colorado along with dozens of Little Caesars Pizza locations in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver Colorado. Between Wendy’s and Little Caesars pizza, the Tapia family will print and produce more than 400,000 tray liners and pizza box toppers every month. Tray Display only uses soy-based inks and prints on 100% recycled paper to ensure our tray liners and box toppers are environmentally friendly." The business model features tie-ins with local radio stations and takes advantage of local advertisers and sponsors.

While still small at only 400k impressions per month, the thing that most impressed me (and most differentiates this startup company with so many others) is their willingness to share what they've learned: Tapia launched, which includes a How-To manual for others interested in the tray advertising business. Instead of keeping his findings a secret, I suppose he hopes to make a name for himself in the industry by sharing what he has learned works and doesn't work in the market.

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