Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cinema ads induce emotional buying effect

Hot on the heels of the news that cinema advertising company National CineMedia successfully completed its IPO comes this report from the Wise Marketer suggesting that the very type of ads the firm sells have been found to induce the emotional buying effect and create strong viewer involvement. The survey, conducted by ad research firm Ipsos ASI on behalf of cinema advertising firm Screenvision, was conducted in France and Spain to try and determine the power of emotions in cinema ad campaigns. The article notes:

It shows that the viewers are emotionally touched by the screen campaigns, which generate significant public involvement and strong positive emotions.

In association with TV campaigns, screen advertising increases the quality and the impact of ad messages, reinforcing the viewers' will to purchase. The survey results show the relationship between emotions generated by screen advertising and the quality of the response to the advertisement.....

The survey was conducted among a representative population sample aged 15-60. It compared the responses of heavy cinema viewers who have watched a specific ad on screen in a cinema during the previous seven days with the responses of those who had seen the ad on TV only.

In both countries, heavy cinemagoers who had seen the cinema ad expressed fewer negative and passive feelings about the ad than those who had only seen it only on TV. In France, heavy cinemagoers felt 20% fewer negative and passive emotions than TV-only viewers. Positive and active emotions were 39% higher for heavy cinemagoers than for than for less frequent cinemagoers.

While Screenvision supplies both on-screen and off-screen advertising media for movie theaters, it sounds like this study primarily focused on the digital signage-like element where full-motion video (perhaps simply television commercials) are displayed on-screen before the movie begins. Using the same content would have allowed Ipsos ASI to determine what kind of effect the media had in the cinema versus only on TV.

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