Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A look at experiential and branding-oriented digital signage networks

Over at our Dynamic Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks Journal, we're looking at a number of different digital signage business models in an attempt to sort out where the best business opportunities lie for different specialty houses. Our first installment went out today, and it's a good fit for the broad concept of "in-store and retail media news," since it focuses on in-store media networks that are designed to build brand value instead of advertise particular products (which is what most people think about when they hear the words "digital signage", I think).

When we talk about experiential and branding networks, we're referring to digital signage displays that are designed to increase the impact of the host's brand and what it stands for. These are typically found in retail environments, but can be used in banks and other venues as well. Experiential networks are supposed to make the host environment more pleasant, improve the in-store experience and deliver imagery that highlights the core tenets of the brand -- without actually advertising the venue's wares directly. For example, think of Oakley, whose small, often spartan stores use plasma screens to show high-motion extreme sports and action clips (featuring Oakley-clad adventurers) that are just long enough to impart a sense of adventure and adrenaline without turning into a segment from ESPN. Or consider Nike's various in-store media networks that show edgy video, artistic images and unusual iconography in a visceral attempt to capture raw motion and skill, without necessarily promoting a particular sport, product or spokesperson.

A number of pros and cons are mentioned, along with our observation that unless you're the brand or a company already closely allied with the brand, these types of networks can be a very tough sell (and in fact, even if you're an internal champion at a brand-oriented company they can be a tough sell). So if these are the kinds of networks that interest you, you may want to check out the complete article:Digital signage networks: experience, branding and private label networks

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