Friday, January 05, 2007

A gift for germophobes: a shopping cart disinfectant system

I'm a strong believer in washing your hands after you sneeze. Likewise, I have a little bottle of Purel hand sanitizer sitting on my desk. And at Publix (my local supermarket), I've taken to using the complementary hand wipes that they leave at the door on the way out.

Now, though, I've learned that's not enough, since according to this article at Storefront Backtalk, shopping carts at such places, "are never clean. They are covered in meat and poultry juices, a leaky toddler’s diaper and other germs." The solution, you ask? Well, Jim Kratowicz, president of PureCart Systems LLC (and provider of that quote), suggests his PureCart system, which uses a hydrogen peroxide-based solution to reportedly kill 99.99% of bacteria and more than 90% of viruses.

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