Friday, October 27, 2006

Shoppercentric and The Screen to work together on an in-store media report

According to this press release, retail research and behavior firm Shoppercentric announced that it is releasing the results of its next major survey on retail digital media networks with the The Screen, the UK's leading research and trade organization for the industry. The survey is due to be completed later this year, and according to the release will provide, "authoritative comment on how consumers relate to digital signage and how stores can best implement screen media networks." Here's the interesting part of the blurb:

The agreement to release the results of the survey in partnership with The Screen Association follows Shoppercentric’s well-received presentation at the trade body’s 2nd annual conference, on the 10th October. At the conference, Shoppercentric provided strong research and experiential evidence that, while the potential benefits of digital signage in retail is large and growing, retailers have yet to fully understand how it can be best used to meet the needs of shoppers. Only by aligning shopper needs with business targets, claimed Danielle Pinnington of Shoppercentric, will the full potential of screen media be fully realised. The company’s conclusions were based on its own original research, as well as extensive shopper behaviour experience gained through work with a large client base, which includes Cadbury Trebor Bassett, Coca Cola Enterprises, Currys Digital, Homebase, Mothercare and Somerfield.
Credible research is still wanting in our industry, so the more the merrier. We'll keep our eyes peeled to see when the summary/synopsis becomes available. The Screen was recently in the news, heralding their findings that UK digital signage networks are mostly brand-oriented and infrequently updated.

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