Thursday, October 19, 2006

Product Sampling Most Influential In-Store Media

According to new research from BIGresearch, product sampling was found to be the most effective form of in-store media, with efficacy being defined in this case as the number of people who responded "influenced" or "greatly influenced" to the question: "How do each of the following In-Store promotions influence you to buy certain brands or products?" The full results are as follows:

In-Store Media                 % Of 18+
-------------- -------
Product Sample 52.4%
Product Labels 43.2%
Shelf Coupons 39.5%
Special Displays 35.5%
Store Loyalty/Card 33.1%
Coupon on Register Tape 28.4%
In-Store Events/Contests 28.1%
Parking Lot/Sidewalk Events 18.2%
Floor Graphics 12.5%
In-Store TV 10.9%
In-Store Radio 7.5%
With a 10% lead over its nearest rival, product sampling is the clear winner here, which reinforces results that we've seen from numerous studies in the past. There's no clear category for retail fixtures or POP displays, though I suppose that the "special displays" section covers that partially. My only concern there is that the word "special" connotes that the display may have been in conjunction with some other promotional offer, which would make it difficult to determine the influence factor of the display itself.

MediaBuyerPlanner has a writeup on the report as well.

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